A Yogic Invocation

This is where it begins. A new life on a new path. For that, we need new ideas.

Let me get up every day and practice, no excuses. It’s easy to stay in bed, but it doesn’t do you any good. Let me hold myself up to a higher standard than before.

But let me go easy on myself too. Everyone makes mistakes, why should mine be any more disappointing than other people’s?

Let me remember that traveling is not simply a journey from point A to point B, in as short a time as possible. Let me lift my head and look around to enjoy the scenery going by. You’re not in London anymore, so why are you walking so fast?

Let me embrace the roadblocks along the way with the same magnanimous spirit I would the unexpected pleasures. Both are simply things that happen, and it is how we approach each of them that defines them, and us.

Let me remain as positive and as full of hope and joy each day as I feel now. Every day we are on the brink of possibility.

And when the Doubt Bunny starts tugging at my leg, and questioning my ideas, let me kick it to the kerb and carry on, free from all it’s woe and anguish. This is my choice, and though at times it may seem crazy, let me remember I was sane when I made it.

Let me keep in mind I am my own being, with my own thoughts and desires, and despite everyone’s well meaning advice, it is unlikely their way of doing things will suit me. You can only be happy following your own path. Then, at least, any mistakes you make are your own and not someone else’s.

Don’t let me get down when things are tough. Don’t let me question myself when things seem confused. Change is inevitable, and today’s problems are just yesterday’s victories waiting to happen.

Let me be open to possibilities. It’s good to plan, but let me not be a slave to an idea I had 6 months earlier.

Let me enjoy the silence as much as the activity. Without the one I could never know the other. Let me, every now and then, find a nice place to do this.

And for God’s sake, every day and in every way, let me find a smile to share with everyone I meet. I am doing what I want after all, exercising my freedom and choosing where to be from moment to moment. What is there to frown about?

Let me be open. Let me be generous. Let me be kind. Let the rest of the world do the same.

Let me be happy.

Om Namah Shivaya.


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