Becoming An Unemployed, Homeless Pedestrian

Man, it’s been a busy week!

As I sit here now I have no job, no car, and everything I own (barring the stuff I have piled next to me on the sofa right now) is stuffed into a 15 square foot storage locker in north London.

everything but the kitchen sink

It’s weird putting everything you own into boxes. I remember when moving house for me took a couple of hours and one estate taxi. These days you’re talking 13 boxes, 2 days effort, and a man with a van.

After spending all day Monday packing and pretty much getting nowhere (no matter how much I packed there always seemed to be more stuff!) I ended up at the flat until 2am Tuesday trying to get it all done. Had to have it finished because the moving van was coming at 9am the next morning.

It took us 2 attempts Wednesday to get it all in the storage locker. I let the ‘expert’ try first, but he didn’t do so well, so then I took over. We went from 3 boxes left over to all in in a matter of moments (packing things is one of my true talents!). Then I had a 6 hour drive oop norf to take my car up to my brother’s place to put it in storage.

Thursday, after spending all morning online and on the phone sorting stuff out (there’s an Australian visa saga I’m still trying to sort out that I won’t go into right now) I got the train back down to London (first class, coz I’m worth it) where I had to hot foot it over to Chiswick to do a the final check out on the flat and hand the keys back.

And now it’s all done! I’ve tied up all the loose ends, and it’s almost time for me to go. 8 hours from now my taxi arrives, and then I’m off!

flying over london

It’s strange saying goodbye, not only to your past life, but to all your stuff as well. Never mind emotional baggage, we gather a lot of stuff around us that makes us feel secure. To give that up, and reduce it down to what’s on your back, in your head, and in your heart, is a weird thing to do. And leaving the familiar, leaving London, where I’ve lived for the past 15 years, that’s weird too.

I spent my last day going to see a movie at a swanky cinema, riding the new cable car over the Thames, and having dinner with a friend in the Millennium Dome (which I’ve never been to before). A fitting goodbye I reckon to the place I’ve called home for so long. There’s lots I’ll miss about my old life, but more I’m looking forward to in the new one. And tomorrow, tomorrow is when it all begins.


2 thoughts on “Becoming An Unemployed, Homeless Pedestrian

    1. I’m in Austria. On a computer older than Jesus, trying to type on a weird keyboard (the Y is in the wrong place!), on a screen where everything appears in German. It’s frustrating to say the least!

      Keep an eye out. Blog post to follow shortly.


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