Welcome To Ashram Life

Ok, this is not going to be the post I planned, mostly coz I’m on a computer older than Jesus, typing on a weird keyboard that has the Z where the Y should be and vice versa, and where you have to use the shift key to put a ‘ symbol, on a neolithic version of windows where everything is in German, connecting up to the internet using what I can only imagine is steam power. Oh, and there’s no USB port so there won’t be any pictures either.

Some of you are laughing. Yes, I’m starting to see the drawbacks of The Cloud now. I already plan on buying an iPad/netbook when I get back.

So I’m in Austria. Been here for about 4 days now (got here on the 1st). It’s absolutely gorgeous round here. We’re in the Alps, literally, so there are some stunning views. The weather’s nice thankfully, it threated to get very cold and rainy when I arrived, and the ashram itself is very peaceful and a nice place to stay.

There are 91 of us on this course, a good 60% of which are German. The rest are English speaking, but there’s only about half a dozen Brits (and the most Irish guy I’ve ever met) here. I’m bunked in a dorm, which is actually just a largeish room with matressess on the floor, with 8 other guys. It’s already getting a bit ripe and there’s still 26 days to go!

It’s taken me a few days to get in the swing of things. What with all the rushing about last week I didn’t get to do much practice, so I was stiff as. But I think I’m doing ok now. Still a long way to go before I’m back where I was, but at least I’m getting somewhere.

The food is thankfully superb. And a lot of it is vegan (they do a great job of marking everything as ‘vegan’ or ‘nicht vegan’) though I do have to skip pudding quite often. Not such a bad thing when you consider my belly (don’t actually consider my belly, it’s not a pretty thought).

The karma yoga I’ve been given to do is easy enough. I work the sound system for the afternoon lecture and the Satsang. It’s a little frustrating because it’s a technical job and I was hoping to get away from all that, but still, it’s just for a few weeks, so I think I can handle it.

So, the yoga is ok, the food is good, the staff are lovely (of course), the location is fabulous, the internet sucks, the homework is easy, and I’m learning loads. All in all it’s going good so far.

I’m going to try and find a way I can get some pictures online, otherwise you’ll just have to wait until I get back to the UK at the end of November. There’ll be more posts to come at least, as I progress along the course, so keep an eye out for those.

Catch zou all later. 😉


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Ashram Life

  1. I can imagine the sight of the Alps, I love them. I like them best when they are covered in snow. 🙂 Wow stone age internet hey. But thats good, gives you time off it. At Mana in NZ I limited my internet time and life felt good. Now I’m Macbooked out and tend to spend too much time on it. (Soon to change!) So your learning lots hey, what kind of stuff do you have to do?

    What does everyone wear? Anyone from the US there?

    Cant wait to see some photos of the place. I guess with working on the sound system you know how to do it and everything is a transition. And you have that skill, just think of it as your work is yoga and you do techie stuff on the side. You have flipped the coin upside down. 😛

    Have fun. xxxxx


    1. Time off is one thing, but this is ridiculous, lol. Takes so long to load a page. Just this replying to 2 comments has taken 15 minutes so far.

      We do satsang (chanting and meditation), asanas, lessons on the bhagavad gita, lessons on yoga vedanta (philospohy), lessons in how to teach yoga, and our karma yoga as well. It’s a pretty full day. And there’s homework too! I do mine ebfore bed like a good little boy, lol.

      We all have lovely uniforms to wear, white pants and yellow t-shirts, but outside of lessons the attire is as varied as the people here (but no, no American students, though one staff I think – she could be Canadian, I haven’t asked).

      Mail me about Mana. Look forward to hearing about it.


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