A Flying Visit

Ok folks, a brief update for you all because people have been complaining about a lack of posting (Hi Diana, lol ;)).

I’ve been absent because the only way I can get online is this ancient computer which fails constantly. Plus I only get so much time off, and it never seems to be working when I am not. The fact that I’m on now is an anomoly.

But there is light. I’ve ordered a laptop online and am waiting for it to be delivered. Hopefully just another week or so then you’ll have more posts and photos than you can shake a stick at.

In brief, I’ve finished the TTC and am now a qualified yoga teacher (hurrah!). Here’s a picture of the graduating class to prove it.


Can you see me? I got myself in prime position.

So, I’m on doing my karma yoga now. It’s going well so far. I’m in charge of the kitchen, lol, even though I’ve yet to cook, but I’m getting a handle on things. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have some stories for you real soon.

So stay tuned. By the end of next week expect a plethora of stuff.

Ciao for now.


2 thoughts on “A Flying Visit

    1. I just had to be short and be able to do the lotus position, that’s all.And be the only guy in the front row as well I think. They stuck me in the centre for balance, lol.


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