Down On The Farm, Up In The City

Once more my friends I find myself woefully behind in my blogging, and for that I apologise. Would that I had a good excuse, but I’ve just been a bit lazy. Christmas will do that to you. 😉

Thankfully though I have actually been out and about doing stuff, and better than that I have taken many photos, and since a picture paints a thousand words I’ll probably be relying on them later to show what I’ve been up to. But first, a quick re-cap.

australia skies
feeding time
vegan xmas dinner 2012
the goose-neck

I spent Christmas and New Year on my brother’s farm, and apparently, according to them, I got the genuine aussie experience, which as far as I can tell involves lots of animals, red dust, and a multitude of creepy crawlies. I slept in a horse trailer, sweating cobbs from the 40 degree heat, sick as a dog for the first few days from some mystery illness I’d picked up on the 15 hour plane ride to Sydney.

ya big gallah!
bob-tail & baked potato
rodeo munchies

I got to see gallahs, 38s, snakes, spiders, kangaroos, bob-tails, sheep (of course), and birds of prey, all within walking distance of his front door. I went to a rodeo, ate in a place called the Cola Café, saw massive thunderheads rolling across the skies, and got to hold a kangaroo at the home of Nick Hocking, who’s a bit of an Aussie celebrity apparently (if you’re into fishing, anyway).

He had a games room which was a shed, with animal skins down one wall, fishing lures down the other, and a darts board in the middle with throwing knives embedded in it. His pool table was hand-made (not by him though) with pockets that bounced funny and were too small (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!). There was Pink Floyd on the TV and when he got sick of playing darts he got the bow and arrow out and had a go with that. Honestly, you couldn’t make any of this up!

little joey
roo 2

It sounds bizarre, but y’know what, somehow it made sense. He and his missus were really lovely, and they very kindly welcomed this random stranger into their home. And it’s because of him I got to hold a kangaroo, so as far as I’m concerned he’s got a friend for life!

I left the farm on about the 7th and headed to Perth. Spent a week there checking out the local sights and sounds. I went to the zoo, up to King’s Park to check out the view, took the train to the aquarium at Hillarys Bay, and ate much yummy vegan food. Here’s a random selection of pictures of the stuff I did.

perth, from king's park
perth palms
perth from the water
sea turtle
AQWA shark exhibit
nice 'do
some kind of big lizard thing
yearning for freedom
young orangutang

Perth’s nice. Very clean, very polite, and very friendly. But, as my brother (who has lived near there for a while now) said, it lacks that one big thing that defines it; like when you think of Sydney you think of the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. In fact we came up with a slogan for Perth that the local tourism bureau might want to use. It goes like this:

Perth : *shrug*– it’s alright.

..haha.. Y’know what, that’s a little harsh. I included it because it makes me laugh, even now. I enjoyed my visit to Perth, and would gladly go there again (and in fact will do in a few weeks). There is a lot to do round about, and you could definitely do worse when it comes to city visits.

perth photo opportunity
a cornucopia of englishness
tempeh brurger at jus burgers, perth

I’m in Pemberton at the moment, on a mini tour south along the coast, the details of which I’ll tackle in my next post. I’m killing 3 weeks before I go back to Perth to catch the Indian Pacific back east. One of the Sivananda Swamis has been in touch to ask if I would like to help them set up their first ever Australian centre in Melbourne, starting in February. Well, how could I say no? I can’t wait to get over there and get to work. Will be nice to spend a few weeks with a bit of structure. I mean traveling’s great, but the organising takes some effort.

Plus, it’ll be great to have the chance to save a couple of bucks for a few weeks. Australia is expensive man! I’m burning through cash like nobody’s business!


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