Duns-bore-ugh and Bustle-ton

I had a lot of hope for Dunsborough. I was going to stay there nearly a week, in a single room at the Youth Hostel which is right on the beach. I was going to go scuba diving and do yoga every day, and maybe do a bit of writing after tea in one of the local coffee shops. How wrong I was.

A favourite saying of mine when I was cooking in the Sivananda Ahsram in Austria was “They can’t all be winners.” Every time I tried to make something new or different, completely winging it, I was always worried it might come out awful. So I used to tell people “I did this, this and this. That should do the trick. And if not, they can’t all be winners can they?” Thankfully most of my ventures in the kitchen came out better than I expected. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of every leg of my trip.

The Dunsborough Beachhouse YHA is 2km from the city centre. That’s a 25 minute walk, in case you were wondering. Doable, but if you go into town you better damn well be sure you did everything you intended to do, because there’s no popping back because you forgot something.

And don’t plan on getting too much sleep. The walls are paper thin, and the 10pm curfew is lightly enforced. They do try, but with so many drunks there’s not much you can do.

I realised before I got there that the scuba diving was going to be too expensive to do. And with the long walk and the early class times, I wasn’t going to get to much yoga either. The weekend wasa complete non-starter, Sunday I was doing stuff online all day (at $8 for 24 hours access I wasn’t about to waste any time), Monday I decided to go to Busselton (more on that in a mo’), which just left Tuesday (as I’d already decided to leave a day early anyway). Thankfully I did get to one class, my first ever non-Sivananda yoga since I started two and a half years ago, and that will be the subject of a post all of its own (coming soon).

furry bus stop

My trip to Busselton was a fairly impromptu affair. There was one bus that went about five times throughout the day. Luckily I could just about squeeze it in. I was going to see the Busselton Jetty, at 1.8km the second longest wooden pile jetty in the world (the longest is at Southend, England, if you can believe that!). I was also looking forward to checking out the Underwater Observatory at the end of it. And if truth be told, part of me was looking forward to the miniature train ride along the jetty as well. 😉

The jetty is impressive. When you see it jutting out to sea like that you do think, “Wow, that’s a big jetty!”

the jetty, by the beach

busselton jetty from afar

It surprising how long it takes to get from one end to the other on a little train, especially considering that was about as far as I’d been walking from my hostel into town. It was a good 10-15 minute ride, but I wasn’t complaining. We had a nice day for it. 🙂

jetty train tracks

on the train

When you got to the end you had to go on a guided tour of the observatory, which was quite brief as in fact you only descended about eight metres below sea level. There was a short talk as you went, and then you got to trot about taking photographs.

half and half

just below the surface

eight metres down

an abundance of life

I got some nice shots, but best of all I got my first underwater headstand shot, which I’m quite proud of, hehehe.

12. busselton jetty underwater observatory headstand

On the way back I decided to walk, partly because it was a nice day, but also so I could get another headstand shot of me on the jetty.

13. busselton jetty headstand

That being done I barely had enough time to catch the last bus (4:35pm, if you can believe that!) before I was back at my salubrious accommodation.

My last day in Dunsborough I went for a swim in the ocean, did some blogging, made plans, calls and arrangements, and went and did the afore mentioned yoga. I’m in Perth now, in a dump of a hostel that makes me yearn for Dunsborough (not really, but it is a dump), and tomorrow I jump on the ferry to go to Rottnest Island for a couple of days, which I’m really looking forward to. I don’t know what ‘big trees’ there will be to climb there, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do. I usually do. 🙂


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