Karma Yoga, Melbourne Style

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks in and around Melbourne. After the dramas of my arrival I then went and spent a week with my friends Tom and Petra, and their two little ones Lexie and Cian (more on that in another post).

Then on Tuesday (6 days ago) I came back to the city and moved in the new Sivananda Yoga Centre that has opened up here (their first in Australia).

SVYC Melbourne

Perhaps ‘opened’ is a bit of an exaggeration. The building is occupied, and it is mostly set up, but since a change of use license has to be applied for, the centre cannot officially open for a little while yet.

But still, there’s plenty to do to get things ready. I mean, downstairs is a bit spartan (we are awaiting delivery of some pictures to put up),

SVYC Melbourne, downstairs

but upstairs is starting to look nice,

SVYC Melbourne, asana hall, 1

SVYC Melbourne, asana hall, 2

and the whole place has a nice energy about it too. With all the natural light and open space it feels very comfortable, and will be a great place to do yoga once we have a few students.

Like I say, we cannot ‘officially’ open just yet, but if people want to pop by and come have a look around they are most welcome to do so. Evenings are good, Mon-Fri after 6pm; or Sat/Sun around 4pm. That’s when we’re there for sure and open to visitors. If you need more info just message me below and I’ll get back to you.

Apart from building Ikea furniture, guess what I’ve been doing most of? That’s right, cooking. πŸ˜‰

SVYC Melbourne, kitchen

I have to say, it’s nice to be back in the kitchen again. I miss the opportunity to cook while I’m traveling about. The state of some of the kitchens in the hostels, you wouldn’t want to cook anything in them. So to have a kitchen all to myself, even one as compact and bijou as this one, is a real blessing.

And to have somewhere decent to stay for a while too! So nice to be able to spread out a bit and not have to worry about your stuff. I mean initially I was camped out on the floor for a day or two, as we had two Swamis and only two bedrooms,

SVYC, downstairs, Melbourne

but now that we’re down to one permanent Swami and me I get a room to myself.

SVYC, upstairs, Melbourne

Still on the floor, but I’m not complaining. Just nice to have a chest of drawers to unpack into.

Also nice to be able to do my sadhana (spiritual practice/asana) on a regular basis again. I mean it’s only been a week, but already I’m noticing a marked improvement in my flexibility. Just starting to get back to where I was, but after the last two weeks of exercising just once a week (if that) it’s great to finally indulge myself a bit.

Have to get used to the early starts again though. Satsang at 6am every day. More chanting and meditation, which is tough for me that early on. I’m a sleep in until 9am kind of guy. But it’s good to challenge yourself now and then, and it’s only for another three and a half weeks.

I’m here until the 26th of March, then I head off to Sydney. Just the right amount of time to relax a bit, get a bit more flexible, and maybe get a bit of rest (fat chance, lol). Either way, it’ll be nice to stay put for a while. All this traveling around, trying to figure out where to go, how to get there, and where to stay when you do get there can be a little tiring. It’ll be nice to enjoy a bit of familiarity for a while.

So if you’re in Melbourne do stop by! We’re at 86 Tope Street, South Melbourne. And anyone wanting to help out with a few hours of karma yoga, I’m sure we can find something that needs doing. πŸ˜‰


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