Melbourne Medley

OK so, you may have noticed my last post has disappeared. I was asked to hide it for a while for reasons which I can’t go into yet, otherwise I’d have to hide this one as well, but it will be back asap.

For now I thought I’d just show you a few pics from the past week or two in Melbourne. They give a general idea of what I’ve been up to – outside of doing yoga, cooking and cleaning all the time.

The place where I’m staying is quite near the city, and you get some amazing views at night. Check this out for a complete Bladerunner Fantasy moment.

bladerunner fantasy

Imagine the sound of helicopters and police sirens, as there was when I took the photo, and I think you’ll agree it’s a movie moment and no mistake.

I’m also quite near the coast, which means St Kilda. On my rare days off I like to head down there and have a stroll about. You get some interesting things to see.

stand here

born slippy

It’s also great when the sun goes down. Check it out. Just 20 minutes or so from the centre of Melbourne and you get this!

st kilda pier sunset

st kilda sunset

No wonder Aussies are all down the beach all the time. I’d be too if I lived near a view like that.

We went on a visit last weekend to the nearby Shiva Ashram, to take part in their celebrations for Sivaratri (probably not how you spell it, lol). They’ve got a nice big centre, with a nice atmosphere, and it was very welcoming and relaxing.

siva ashram exterior

ashram satsang

Nice to visit another centre, and hang out with so many other like minded people. Really refreshes the batteries , know what I mean?


om bags

And that’s it for now. I’m in Melbourne for another 12 days (we’ve got the Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend, and I can hear the cars practicing just down the road even as I write this now) then it’s off to Sydney for a couple of weeks. After that it’s the drive up the east coast to Cairns. Booked the camper already. $910 with insurance for 14 days. A bargain I reckon.

Ok, that’s all for now. Back in a week or so with another update, and hopefully a full explanation of where that post went. Til then, om om. 😉


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