Onward And Upward

Well, my time in Melbourne doing karma yoga is done. I have to admit, this last month was a little tough for me. Not only the getting up at 5:30am to do chanting and meditation (I’m just not that into chanting) but also things like not being allowed to put ginger in the dahl. It just got to me. I guess I’m over the whole asking other people permission to do stuff thing (ie: I’ve had enough of having a boss). All the more reason for me to make a proper go of it on my own.

But not yet. For now, the traveling continues.

I flew out of Melbourne a week ago. Got a bit of a surprise at the airport. I thought only small third world nations and bush pilots made you go out on the runway to board the plane. Not so, as this photo proves.

boarding at melbourne

Not that I’m complaining. It did add a certain novelty to what would ordinarily have been a boring flight. And the plane did have jet engines, not propellers, so that’s something to be thankful for.

Here is the ubiquitous blue sky shot.

so much blue

So I’m in Sydney now. Was here for a day before Christmas, on my way to Perth. Going to be here two weeks this time. One week just me, hanging out with my friend Sarah. Then next week my girlfriend arrives, and we have a few days in Sydney before we pick up the camper and head north.

sleeping car

My first two nights I stayed at the Railway YHA, where you literally sleep in converted railway carriages (if you want to). I, of course, wanted to. It amused me no end. And it was pretty nice too. You are literally right next to a working platfrom/station, so you’d think there’d be more noise, but not so. I slept fine each night, and hardly heard the tannoy.

My next six nights were at the Sydney Harbour YHA, where I am now, and where you get some excellent views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Just check this out…

balcony view

And it’s even better as the sun goes down.

roof terrace

sydney opera house at dusk

view from hostel at dusk

That’s from the roof top terrace, but here’s the view from my bedroom window.

view from my window

Not bad for $40-something bucks a night. Ok, you have to share, but the facilities are excellent, and you can’t fault the location (unless it’s to complain about all the steps from Circular Quay, lol). Plus, it’s built above an archaeological dig, so this is the view you get beneath you.


can you dig it

How cool is that? Mind you, when you’re used to Roman remains, calling the old settler remains ‘archaeology’ is stretching the term a little thin in my book. But what the heck, it looks nice.

Melbourne was a little bit of a hiatus for me. I didn’t do any headstand pics, which I regret a little, but with this new leg I plan on rectifying the situation asap. And with someone to help take the pictures it makes life a whole lot easier.

I met up with my friends Sarah and Kellie my first full day in Sydney (the two of them have been traveling around Oz and New Zealand working at retreats and planning their own next big step for over a year now) and we decided to head to the zoo.

sarah and the opera

kiki on the ferry

I’ll be honest, as a vegan I’m not sure how I feel about zoos. On the one hand I think the animals would have been better off left where they were. On the other hand the ones that are there probably couldn’t survive in the wild after getting used to life in captivity, so you can’t just put them back. And breeding programs are saving many species from extinction. I don’t know. All I can say is, I’m slowly going off the traditional zoo idea. But anyway…

To get up there from the ferry you take a cable car to the top. That makes about the fourth one I’ve been on since starting this trip. Who knew there were so many, lol.

We had a lovely day for the visit, really hot and sunny. Great for taking photos of the spectacular views you get of Sydney from the zoo.

view from taronga zoo

Even the mountain goats get a spectacular view!

bridge, goat. goat, bridge

And of course we saw many interesting animals.

pygmy hippo

look at my nose


Though what kind of animal this is I’m really not sure???

big ears

We ended the zoo visit with the first of many future headstand pics.

24. taronga zoo headstand

To quote Peter Kay – “We’ve started now! Now we’ve started!” (again).

Actually, that wasn’t quite the end of the trip. We finished it off with a nice bit of veggie bento. Sweet! 🙂

veggie bento

A few days later Sarah and I went down to Bondi Beach to check that out.

me and sarah

It was, as you might expect, gorgeous. And a lovely day to be out on the beach.

bondi beach

I see beaches

And it was hot too. I needed some cooling down. Thank Zod for sorbet!

kiki the sorbet muncher

We even managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping. I bought myself some new shoes. What do you think?

kiki's new shoes

I like them, but I think they might be a little big, lol.

And in case you’re having any trouble keeping perspective, helpful graffittos have shared this to help bring you back down to earth.

everything you say is irrelevant...

Nuff said.

No headstand pics for Bondi though. I’m saving that moment for when my Deutsche Frau arrives. Likewise ones on the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I mean I’ve been around those sights dozens of times as I’m so close to Circular Quay,

sydney from the north shore

circular quay from the harbour bridge

I’ve taken many a ferry,

the ocean princess


bridge from ferry

I’ve even walked across the bridge,

sydney harbour bridge detail.

warning signs

but since I’m planning on doing the Pylon Lookout Tour, and I’ve got tickets for the ballet at the Opera House, I’ll save those headstand moments for later.

And speaking of later, since this post is getting a little epic and I’ve still yet more to share, I think I’ll save my pics from the Maritime Museum for next time. So, ciao for now.


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