Upside Down And Under Water

Time for another post in pictures I think. I mean there’s not much I can tell you about the Maritime Museum that the pics don’t. All I can say is I, surprisingly, spent most of the day there. There’s a lot to do, and it’s certainly worth the cost of “The Big Ticket”. 🙂

I got the ferry from Circular Quay to the Maritime Museum, mostly because it amused me to do so. It’s not the most direct route, nor the quickest, but you do get to see some interesting things.

ferry terminal warning sign

bridge from ferry

You get to go on loads of ships as well as enter the museum on the Big Ticket. First up is HMAS Vampire, a Destroyer.


I started off above decks,

it go boom!


twin bofors

an unfortunate name

before heading inside to check out the crews quarters.

ward room

it's good to be the captain

Of course the most important parts of the ship were where you get your food.

veg stir fry please

glad wrap

tuck shop

Closely followed by the business end of the ship.

let's play!

captain kiki

I finished off with a headstand pic,

25. hmas vampire headstand

before heading down to check out the submarine, HMAS Onslow!

hmas onslow

To get in you had to turn round and go down the steps backwards.

submarine entrance

No surprise that the quarters were a little cramped.

submarine crew bunks

the hunt for red october


Personally I liked the close quarters.

submarine engine room, through hatch

smith's astral - destroyer guage

two player video game

And the view from the periscope was interesting (and coincidentally, the subject of my next blog).

up periscope!

Once again, I rounded up my trip below the waves with a headstand picture,

26. hmas onslow headstand

before it was on to my next ship, a replica of Captain Cook’s vessel the HM Bark Endeavour.

hm bark endeavour

In a way it was a curious mix of the two previous vessels, a ship with cramped conditions.

crew's mess

marine's bunks

But at least the other two had proper toilets, not like this (known to sailors of the time as the ‘seat of ease’, lol);

seat of ease

Not wonder the crew ended up a bit red in the face if that’s where you had to do your business.

big red head

My own ‘business’ involved getting headstand number three before heading inside to check out the museum itself.

27. hm bark endeavour headstand

There’s loads to see and do inside, especially for the kids (and childish adults like me).

rescue helicopter

I win, we all win

There’s lots of interesting stuff to check out, and stories to be heard. If you’re in Sydney I recommend giving it a go.

I finished off my day with a ride on the soon to be decommissioned Monorail (not up to much I’m afraid), and a long awaited shopping trip to get some food (with the Easter Bank Holiday weekend everything has been closed for ages it seems).

And that’s me almost up to date. I have a yoga class at the top of the Sydney Tower to write about. That’s right, you heard me. Yoga at 250 feet above the street at 7am! A most unusual experience, let me tell you. Keep an eye out for that one, coming soon. 🙂


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