Yoga In The Sky

Well, I had a most unusual experience this morning. I did some Yin Yoga (my first of that kind) 258 metres up in the air, at the top of the Sydney Eye Tower (or whatever they call it).

morning views

I found it quite by accident when I was looking to book the Skywalk, where you get to go round the outside of the tower! They do it on Wednesday mornings, and charge just $25, which is pretty good when you consider the views. I mean you pay nearly that much just to go up the Observation Deck itself.

getting ready

yoga in the sky

Places are limited to 35 because, as you can see, there’s not a lot of room. You have to book in advance, and online, and it’s run by Yoga By The Sea Instructor Sasha (actually, I have to admit, I’m not sure it was her, but I think it was – next time I’ll ask).

Getting there was a task for me, mainly because of the early start; 6:45 for 7am. Because I was going to do the Skywalk afterwards (at 10am) I had to book out of my hostel and stick all my bags in a storage locker, as I was moving to a hotel later that day. So my alarm went off at 5:45! Which, I have to say, was a bit harsh. It was also a little harsh, when I got there, being stuck in an elevator with a bunch of jabbering 20-something Aussies first thing in the morning, but anyway…

The class was nice. Like I said, it was classed as Yin Yoga, which is basically a Hatha Yoga class concentrating on simple stretches and relaxation (as far as I could tell – I don’t know the dictionary definition). It was open to all, so the poses started off easy with more complex variations for the more experienced yogi, a situation which worked great for me as I landed on my face trying to do the Scorpion the other day and injured my neck, so I’ve been recuperating since then. I needed something to ease me back into my practice, and this class did the trick. A nice gentle start to the day (with moments of invigoration, lol.) Don’t get me wrong, just because it was simple doesn’t mean it was easy. :))

There were some nice leg stretches, and a lot of twists. All good stuff for loosening the back up. Unlike a normal Hatha Yoga class the relaxation was just at the beginning and the end, I guess because of time constraints; the Tower opening up to the public and people having to get to work.

They had music playing, which as I’ve said before I’m finding I like in a yoga class, and after you’d finished there was a light breakfast provided of fruit and fruit juices; though you had to be quick to get some. I was chatting with a lovely lady named Julie afterwards, so when I went to get my fruit it had all gone. All I got was a small bottle of OJ.

kiki and sasha

All in all, with the views, the yoga, the brekkie, and the uniqueness of it all, I’d say this was a good value for money class. I had planned on doing the Skywalk right afterwards at 10am, but as you can see the weather turned nasty and it didn’t prove possible.

wet and windy

I’m going back later tonight though to do it, so it’s all good. 🙂

If you’re in Sydney give the Yoga In The Sky (they call it Yoga From The Sky but I like my way better ;)) a go. It’s worth trying at least once, if you can get up that early that is, lol.


9 thoughts on “Yoga In The Sky

  1. Hiya Keith,

    Good to hear about your yin yoga experience. I’m now teaching yin in London and am loving the practice. Not sure if the teacher said, but by staying in the postures longer you’re actually working much deeper in your body as you’re focusing on improving the flexibility of your joints, ligaments and even your bones ie. the ‘yin’ tissue’ of the body as opposed to the yang muscular tissue.

    Anyway, I’ve written about the practice on my blog so feel free to have a read if you get a minute:

    Enjoy! x


    1. Hi Clare

      Thanks for the info. She actually didn’t say a lot at the start of the class. Not that it lessened the enjoyment, but it’s good to know what you’re trying to do. 🙂

      I like the Yin Yoga post. I also read your previous one about playing music. You play Burial! Very cool. 😉 Any chance of a downloadable playlist? (get in touch if you want to know how ;))


  2. Hi! I just booked for this. May I ask if there are shower rooms available so I can freshen up after class? Also, was it difficult to find the entrance to get up to the room? Not sure if main entrance is open that early. Thank you 🙂


    1. There’s no showers. The class is held on the observation platform of the tower, so just the usual toilet facilities. But don’t worry, it wasn’t that tough a class. You won’t need to freshen up after I reckon.
      As I recall I went in a side door, but it was a while ago so I can’t be any more detailed than that. Maybe check with the venue or with the organisers. They should be able to help.
      Hope you enjoy the class. Do come back and let me know what you thought of it. 🙂


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