Sydney To Cairns By Camper – days 13-15

day 13

After all the fun and frolics of the past few days, the next few had been ear-marked as ‘driving days’. We needed to get up the coast, and we needed to do it pretty sharpish.

the bruce highway

the aussie landscape

We were aiming for Rockhampton, being about half way between where we were and where we wanted to end up, but once again we were being a little ambitious, so we decided to pull in a little early and do a bit of wild camping at somewhere called Port Alma.

It was just a small dot on the map, and Google Maps didn’t offer up much by the way of information either. But it was there, it had a name, it must be something mustn’t it?

The road to Port Alma didn’t offer much hope. And as we passed the Salt Works,

port alma saltworks

with not a sign of a dwelling, we started to wonder what was going on? Then we reached the coast, to find…

where are we?

…nothing! Well, that’s not exactly true. We found a few buildings, a train depot (empty), and a loading dock (closed). We did a quick about face and headed back towards the highway, but with the sun going down,

the disappearing sun

orange skies

we opted to just park up in a layby near the highway and just make the best of a rather confused situation.

day 14

Come the dawn and this is where we found ourselves.

wild camping

Not the most salubrious of accommodations, what with the heavy goods vehicles going by and the train line nearby, but still better than ‘Port Alma’ would have been. For our fine work and fortitude we awarded ourselves a decent brekkie.

cooking up a storm

wild camp brekkie

Suitably nourished we were off again.

back on the bruce

Lena opted to catch up on a few zzz’s whilst I drove, and who can blame her. There’s really not a lot to see.

road snooze

We did end up bumper at some roadworks (of which there were many) to bumper with another Hippie though, prompting me to wonder what the phone call to the insurance people would be if we ran into them.

“Hi, I’ve had a bit of an accident. Oh, and while you’re there, I’ve got someone else who wants to speak to you too.” 🙂

hippie meets hippie

But we made it to Mackay, our stop for the night relatively unscathed I’m glad to say, and opted to stay at a Big4 campsite after out lay-by adventure of the night before.

Unfortunately, it turns out the lay-by was the nicer option. It was a bit grim, there were millions of mosquitos, and you had to pay for the cookers (which is really tight). Gladly, we were just there for the one night.

day 15

Another day, another hot breakfast (after a bit of yoga of course).

campsite yoga

mackay brekkie

We hit the road as soon as was humanly possible, and enjoyed some nice driving (and the odd wide load) on our way up to Airlie Beach, where we planned on checking out the Whit Sunday Islands.

open country

wide load

Thankfully, we got there in plenty of time to just hang out, chill, and get a decent bit of food. After the massive run up the coast we were looking forward to a good bit of R&R.


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