Yoga Tree, Taupo

In an effort to do more yoga (and being far more diligent than me) Lena is always on the look out for somewhere near where we’d be to do a bit of ‘meditative stretching’. That was how we ended up at Yoga Tree in Taupo.

yoga tree, taupo

Because Lena had looked it up I had no idea what to expect. It was meant to be a hatha yoga class, but there seemed to be an awful lot of blocks and straps and belts knocking about for that. But what the hey, it was about doing something new too, so we got our mats out and got down to business.

yoga bits and pieces

Our teacher, Beth, was very nice and smiley, which is always a good sign of yoga well practiced I reckon. And she gave some very detailed instruction regarding body position, which I found very interesting not to mention a little challenging (doing one thing with the front of your calf while you do something else with the back, lol). But it was good to get the anatomical information which is often lacking in other classes. I don’t know if I’d want it all the time, but it was nice to know exactly what I was meant to be doing for once.

And there was a lot of sanskrit, lol, which is something I really need to work on. I can never remember the ‘proper’ names of all the asanas. And maybe that’s why the detailed instruction, because who could remember all that sanskrit and do the asanas at the same time, hehehe.

We used the straps, we used the walls, we used bolsters and chairs and the ropes on the wall, all to get us in the right position. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it seemed to be a lot of kit for something I’ve practiced with just a mat, a cushion and a blanket for a number of years. But these are all roads to the same place, and it was certainly interesting giving it a go this way. A touch of Iyengar in my Hatha. A new experience for me and no mistake.

me and beth

All in all I enjoyed the class, and it was certainly a good workout, as my thighs could testify by their inability to walk without complaining the next day, lol. And I came away with a new way to help/do The Bow, which is really good. Any day you learn something new and useful is a winner in my book.

We got invited for coffee with the group afterwards, which was really nice of them. Beth is British, so it was good to hear her story, not to mention inspiring. I’ve got an idea forming of teaching yoga in New Zealand (wait for my Queenstown post to know the full ‘plan’), so it was nice to chat to someone who has done it and made it work.

NB: I’ll be doing a few posts retrospectively for a while. I’m back in Oz now about to head up through Alice Springs to Darwin (with a stop off at Ayers Rock). And Lena is now back in Germany, trying to adjust back to ‘normal life’. We just did so much fun stuff over the past few weeks it’s been impossible to keep up!

Got about half a dozen posts to do, which I’ll be releasing every couple of days hopefully. That should get me caught up. Then I can get back to blogging about stuff I do as I do it. So prepare yourself for two more yoga reviews, along with glow worms, whale watching and a Lord Of The Rings Tour; all coming real soon!


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