Impressions Of New Zealand

A post in pictures (and video) of our journey round the north island of New Zealand, starting with…

Our flight from Cairns,

over the ocean

catching up on red dwarf

and our arrival in Auckland.

in case you were in any doubt...

Auckland kinda sucked, but we got to have some veggie brekkies (some assembly required),

auckland DIY veggie brekkie

some of us got new haircuts,


and we got to do laundry,

wash day, nothing clean

so it wasn’t a complete bust.

From there we headed north to Paihia, where sadly accidents can happen.

accidents happen

There was some interesting stuff in Paihia, including extreme bunnies,

bunny extreme!

award winning loos,

paihia's award winning toilets

crazy seagulls,

seagull landing

and last but not least, ten drummers drumming.

But we were there to go check out the cape, so off we went!

Our bus driver had his own unique style.

I got to do headstand no.49, eventually, after being photo-bombed in the process.

the photo bomber strikes

We went sand boarding,

ready to hit the slopes



then hit Ninety Mile Beach (which isn’t ninety miles long, lol).

almost got me

wet trousers

On the way back we had some yummy chips,

happy belly

and got to enjoy this fabulous sunset.

the end of a full day

Next stop (after Hobbiton) was Taupo, where it rained a lot. But we had a brief respite in which we enjoyed autumn by the lake,

autumn by the lake

and also we ate some bizarre fruits,

strange fruit

which proved to be inadvisable, lol.


National Park (that’s the name of the village) was next.

cute house

mountain hunter

snowy peaks

We’d planned on doing a big hike to ‘Mount Doom’, but the weather had other plans. Still, we got to do a short walk up into the hills, where we enjoyed the view.

enjoying the view

and where we discovered the many wonders of the New Zealand bush.

moss and leaf

moss on a tree limb

a blue mushroom!

After Waitomo we hit New Plymouth, where a gorgeous sunset was enjoyed by all,

new plymouth sunset

sunset kiss

orange skies

especially the Sudokubomber, lol.

sudokubomber planning her next move

And we had yet another fabulous meal at the Loving Hut.

what to have, what to have

veggie burger and chips x2

And with yet another veggie burger pic, that’s it for my impressions of the North Island I’m afraid.

Next up; whale watching in Kaikoura, followed by some hippy yoga in nelson, and a rainy encounter with a glacier in Franz Josef.

Stay tuned! 😀


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