Sivananda Strikes Again!

Another day; another Sivanada centre, lol.

After Waitomo, Lena and I headed down to New Plymouth on the south west corner of the north island of New Zealand. We were there for two reasons; one, it’s on the way to Wellington, where we had to get the ferry to the south island; and two, there’s a Sivanada affiliated yoga centre there (the only one in New Zealand, I think).

sivananda yoga new plymouth

The centre was a ‘short’ walk from our hostel (which was good as our hostel was a long walk from everything else, including the city centre) so we actually managed to get there early for once, giving us time to chat a bit with the people who ran the place.

Our class was run by Claire, a graduate of the TTC course in Australia in February (just four months earlier), and also a former karma yogi at the Melbourne centre just before I got there, helping them turn an old office into a new yoga centre.

asana hall

It’s almost ridiculous me reviewing the class here, I’ve written about so many Sivananda classes in this blog already, and without exception they’re always good. We did the usual exercises – pranayama, sun salutations, twelve basic postures – peppered, as always, with the teacher’s own specialist bits of knowledge and understanding.

The class was thoroughly refreshing, as always, and Lena and I both felt great coming out of there at the end of it.

both of us in front of the altar

We had a lovely chat with everyone at the end, trading karma yoga/TTC stories, and giving a little feedback to Claire on her teaching technique, after which she very kindly gave us a lift back to our hostel; providing us with a chance to collect yet another inspiring ‘I quit everything to move to New Zealand and start teaching yoga’ story, as well as some very handy restaurant tips.

claire and I in front of the altar

We loved it so much in fact we went back the day we were due to leave for another class, this time with Ram, a former staff member from the Ashram in Canada of many years standing, and the director of the centre along with his partner who’s currently expecting… or was a few weeks ago anyway. She’s probably given birth by now, lol.

I tell you what, you could tell he was used to teaching in a much bigger hall. Talk about a booming voice, lol. Not much chance of you falling asleep during the relaxation, or not for long anyway, hahaha. But seriously, it was a great class, and very interesting to compare with the one we’d had two days before. Two very different techniques, different levels of experience, yet each enjoyable and rewarding in their own way. Certainly set us up right for the bus journey to Wellington.

That’s almost it for the north island from me. Got one more post to do then it’s on to the chilly south island, where much fun was had, much rain came down, and much inspiration for the future was found. Coming soon… 😉


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