Yoga In Nelson

In our journey around New Zealand everyone we mentioned doing yoga to told us we should check out Nelson. We were told it had a strong alternative community, of people who were “…into that kind of thing”, and so check it out is exactly what we did; not only for the yoga, but in hope of getting a decent bit of vegan food (I’m sorry to say, but New Zealand is a bit behind when it comes to stuff like that).

Our options were limited by time and location, but the class we finally chose to attend was a gentle yoga class at Inspire Yoga.

As usual, we were a bit late (mainly due to us having a good long nap that afternoon, lol), but once there we quickly got changed and hit the mats.

inspire yoga, nelson

I really didn’t know what to expect, as the class was described online simply as ‘gentle yoga’. In the end we were treated to what seemed to be a bit of hatha, with a heavy dose of kundalini thrown in for good measure (my first taste of kundalini as it happens).

There were plenty of nice long stretches, which I was in need of, along with a lot more mudras (hand postures) and bandhas (body locks or contractions) than I’m used to doing. So for a ‘gentle’ class there was quite a bit of internal activity going on (not that that’s a bad thing).

It was certainly different to what I’ve done before, with unusual postures, some tongue out ‘fire breathing’, and our teacher, Kathy, chanting during the final relaxation. But I came away with a new way of doing neck exercises, which is just so good, so I’m not complaining.

me and kathy

Y’know what it was like? It was how I used to think a yoga class would be before I started doing yoga. Very alternative, and a little bit ‘hippy’, lol. If you were writing a yoga class for a movie this is how you would write it, as it’s what the people expect. And that’s not a criticism, just an amusing observation on my part (what with my script writing aspirations and all that). 😉

But I’ll tell you what, Kathy was such a warm and generous teacher I’d happily go back for another lesson. She obviously knows her stuff, and she teaches with a smile on her face and an encouraging tone in her voice.

There was no sense of trying to ‘get somewhere’, unless that somewhere was Relaxedville, NZ – pop. 1. It was enough to be there, doing, and having fun; and that’s alright with me any day of the week.


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