So what is Acro Yoga?

There are so many different types of yoga these days it’s hard to know what distinguishes one from the other. At least with Acro Yoga it is somewhat self explanatory.

I confess, I haven’t tried it and know very little about it, but some of my friends have given it a go and a lot of them think it’s great. And after one of them sent me the video below I can kind of see what they’re on about.

Beautiful, no? But watching that I did wonder what the person on the bottom gets out of it? His role seemed to be just that of a support; one of strength and balance, and not much else.

I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps some of you have experience of Acro Yoga and can enlighten me to the benefits each person can gain from it?


2 thoughts on “So what is Acro Yoga?

  1. It would take too long to describe in detail the embodiment of acroyoga… its a practise i have been pursuing for just over 2 yrs now and it continues to surprise me, as what you think it is on the surface both is and is not really what it is at all…
    Firstly acroyoga is a community based practise that encourages personal transformation. acroyoga is fun and brings people together the old fashioned way, through human connection, touch and play. It incorporates 3 practises… Solar.. acrobatics, Lunar… healing arts therapeutic flying and thai massage and Elemental…yogic practises cultivating breath, awareness, softness, strength and harmony.
    Partner practise is not a substitute for solo pracise… quite the opposite.. the deeper you go in partner practise the more important to dedicate to our solo practise to discover our patterns struggles and our strengths.
    To answer your question as to what the person the bottom (the base) gets out of it?
    Speaking as a predominantly flyer i had the same opinion as you and thought who would want to do that? i have spent 2 yrs working on my basing and now i think i prefer it to flying… Basing?… a good base is the pillar on which everything rests. the more stable the base the more fun can be had, the base is ultimately responsible for the flyers safety, they are the number one spotter, it takes much longer to learn to be a stable base but once it is attained a base can offer the gift of inviting flyers to trust and be free…
    A good base needs to be …Sensitive, Strong, Stable, confident, Safe, Calm, trustworthy, grounded, patient and powerful.
    Flying?.. The flyer is the one that risks and trusts the base completely. the combination of strength and flexibility in synchronicity is the dance of the flyer..
    The most important role often missed, is that of the spotter who is the glue between the base and the flyer.. they can serve as an interpreter between vase and flyer and skilled spotters help communities flourish. the spotter is there to increase the potential of a successful attempt.. spotter virtues.. one pointed focus, good position, stability, strength, confidence, speed, sensitivity, dedication, devotion..

    I hope I’ve given you something to digest… i urge you to try it for yourself and make your own mind up… its strangely addictive!

    Liz xx

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    1. Hey Liz. 🙂

      Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the detailed response.

      It certainly looks and sounds like an interesting practice. Re: Basing, I guess, as with many things, it’s the bits that seem the least interesting/rewarding that have the most value. Without a good base how much could a flyer really do eh?

      Didn’t know about having a spotter, though it makes sense.

      As most yoga is a solo activity (even in a group), doing something like this that requires a great deal of co-operation between the three participants would bring a whole new aspect to your sadhana. It’s going on the list of stuff to try that’s for sure. Now if I can just find the time in amongst everything else, lol.

      Thanks again for sharing. 🙂


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