Every moment Is A Chance

A friend sent me this in a message on New Year’s Eve;

“i wish you the opportunities to realize more and more of your dreams
     as every moment is a chance to start right away.”

That last part “…every moment is a chance to start right away” kind of made me realise the great many things I have been putting off recently. From regular exercise to cutting out white foods to doing some writing, it was always ‘after Christmas’ or ‘after these night shifts’ or even just ‘tomorrow’ when I would start. But tomorrow never comes (as when you get there it is today, and tomorrow is still a day away) so really the only time to start doing something is now!

It’s like this hat:

the furry hat

It’s been sitting in my cupboard for ages, never worn, waiting for an imaginary Future Me who wears that kind of thing. But when would that be? Probably never. You either become the kind of person who wears such a hat, or you let it go and go find a hat that suits you better.

And so it is, at the start of this new year, that I have done the Yoga @ Home CD every day that I have been not working, and I have been reviewing my latest bit of creative writing with the intention of getting the ball rolling again. It’s not much in the great scheme of things, and it’s far less than I would like to be doing each day, but it’s a start, and it’s something to build on.

And it’s certainly a lot more than I did yesterday, that’s for sure.


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