When Does Mindfulness Matter Most?

Mindfulness matters. It improves your yoga and meditation, it stops you getting too lost in your thoughts and emotions, it basically improves your life all round. But when does it matter most? Or rather, when should you be most mindful of your mindfulness?

when mindfulness matters most

It’s easy to remember to practice your mindfulness when you’re doing yoga, or when you sit down to meditate, but I find those aren’t the moments when a lack of mindfulness is most likely to cause you problems.

I had a lesson in lack of mindfulness this week whilst I was making breakfast. I’d made my tea, buttered my toast, and I was just reaching around the kitchen roll for some multi-vitamins when *yoink!* I pulled something in my back! It was the twisting and reaching without thinking that did it. Nothing big, just a nasty little twinge; but it hurt, and it put the kibosh on my yoga for the day.

I don’t know about you, but I find that its not when I’m carrying a sofa or something like that that I injure myself (that’s when I’m most careful about what I’m doing), its those times when I bend down to pick up a pen without thinking about it that I pull something and end up laid up for a few weeks. Or to put it another way, those little moments when I’m not being mindful because I’m doing something I’ve done a thousand times before.

When it comes to mindfulness there are no small moments, no times that are more important than others. Mindfulness is an all day, every day kind of thing. Every moment matters, because when you take your eye off the ball… *yoink!* 😉


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