Win With The Yoga Bum Giveaway!

As you may or way not have noticed, Yoga Bum has been undergoing a slow but steady refresh over the past few weeks. Now that that’s finally done I thought I’d do a wee giveaway to celebrate. 😀

yogabum giveaway

The prize is, as you can see in the picture, a small brass Om to hang on your wall, a Krishna Das CD for you to listen to, and a scented eye pillow to help you relax. All three items will go to one lucky person, and winning them couldn’t be easier.

If you’re new to Yoga Bum all you have to do is become a follower by clicking the button on the right hand side of the page, and then Like a post or leave a Comment (just as a way of saying ‘Hi’ to everyone) to be entered into the draw.

If you’re a regular follower it’s all about the sharing. Share and Like a post, or Share and Comment, to be in with a chance of winning our excellent giveaway prizes. You’ll find buttons at the bottom of every post for things like Facebook and Twitter and that.

And that’s it really. It couldn’t be simpler.

Don’t just restrict yourself to the most recent posts like Be Friends With Yourself either. Check out the 30 Day Hip Opening Challenge, or have a look at my trip to Hobbiton; there’s all kinds of stuff in the archives for you to try. Need more inspiration? Check out the new What Have You Missed? page too.

The competition is open to everyone, and the closing date for entry is Friday the 8th of April 2016. The winner’s name will be drawn out of a hat, and they will be contacted soon after to arrange delivery. Also, unless requested otherwise, the lucky winner will be announced on Yoga Bum the following week. All decisions are final.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing. 🙂


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