Yoga And The Fitbit

Got a Fitbit the other day and I’ve got to say, I love it already! Only had it a few days, but already I’m addicted to seeing how many steps I’ve taken, what my heart rate is, how many calories I’ve burned, how I slept, in fact anything my little Charge HR will tell me.

well fit

I got it off Amazon for £90, though the one I bought usually goes for about £100. I chose the Charge HR over the Surge because having GPS isn’t worth the extra £30-40 I reckon. And considering I mainly do yoga what do I need the GPS for anyway?

The three things I like most about it are the heart rate monitor, the sleep tracking, and the way you can set it to record your activities over a set amount of time – starting and stopping it like a stopwatch – so you can see how that activity affected you.

Naturally, I used it to see what was going on inside me during my yoga session, and the results were quite interesting.

yoga and the fitbit

The Fitbit is designed mainly for a more Western style of exercise – running, cycling, weight training, etc. – so the results you get don’t look that impressive. Heart rate slightly elevated, few steps taken, not so many calories burned; but that didn’t bother me so much. I don’t expect my heart rate to sky rocket when I do yoga. In fact I’d be worried if it did. Much better in fact for it to be elevated but steady for a long period of time.

I was surprised by how long I was in the ‘fat burning zone’. Again, twenty one minutes may not seem like much, but my flat-mate went on a run for the same amount of time and she burned less fat (technically speaking) than I did. She was much more in the ‘cardio zone’, which I never even got near. And naturally, she did way more steps than I did.

The Fitbit was pretty comfy to wear too. I had it where they recommend it, snugly round the wrist about one finger width above the wrist bone, and it never got in the way of any of my asanas. In fact I hardly noticed I had it on, except when I stopped to admire how great it looks. I also checked it now and then to see how long I’d been exercising, as the activity recorder really does act like a stopwatch too.

To be honest with you, for yoga I’m not sure you really need a Fitbit. I mean as ,long as you do your asanas and feel good afterwards who cares what your heart rate was half an hour in? But in terms of general activity day to day I think the Fitbit is priceless. I get up and walk about more just to make sure I get my ten thousand steps in. When I got to the train station just as the barriers came down I thought “Great! A change to climb some stairs.” The Fitbit has certainly made me more active in my daily life, and I’m even tempted to do some running, so I can get into the illustrious ‘cardio zone’!

Such a shame it’s not waterproof. Would love to take it swimming some time too.


7 thoughts on “Yoga And The Fitbit

  1. I was quizzing someone at work recently whom I saw wearing one. not a yogi though, so I found your findings there interesting. did you come across other yogi users when you were researching for/considering your purchase?

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    1. I came across a few reviews. Mostly they were concerned with comfort and it getting in the way, but I had no problem with that. They also said if you want really accurate heart rate results a chest monitor is best. I myself am more of a casual statistician, lol.

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  2. I’ve just bought the fitbit alta, a slightly slimmer, less fandango version of the charge. It unfortunately doesn’t have the HR bit or recognise when you climb stairs. But I like the display and the sleep tracker. I had a jawbone before but you couldn’t see how many steps you were doing unless you looked at your phone. I’ve only had this one a day but the thought of making the little flower grow on the display when you do more steps, has me moving more! ha ha
    Enjoy your fitbit!!

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    1. I looked at the Alta. really liked the design of it. But I really wanted the heart rate tracker. After seeing it on my flat-mate’s fitbit I just had to have it.
      They do motivate you though don’t they. I was surprised. No flower growing on mine though (that sounds cool), just a digital display counting up up up, lol.

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      1. Yes I did toy with eh HR tracker.
        So far all I have is a little stem and a bud, no flower yet ha ha. But then it is Saturday morning….. lol


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