What Have You Missed?

It takes too long to trawl through a blog’s archives looking for those little gems that make you smile, make you think, or just make you say “Well waddaya know?” So here, for your viewing pleasure, are just some of the delights Yoga Bum has to offer.

Aside from my very first post, the Yogic Invocation, my ever expanding headstand series, and the review of my Yoga Teacher’s Training Course, these are what I consider to be my top posts so far.

Selection is based upon views, likes, and my own personal preferences. And even though they’re numbered, that doesn’t mean they’re in any sort of order. Each one is good in it’s own way.

I hope you like them. 🙂

1. Mountain Meditations

vajrapani institute

Ever thought about spending a week alone in a cabin in the woods, just doing yoga and silent meditation all day? Want to now what it’s like? If so, read on.

2. Be Friends With Yourself

do you like the hat?

Everybody needs a good friend, so why not be your own?

3. “We can Get You An Ambulance…?”


One minute you’re on a train traveling through the Australian outback, the next you’re in an ambulance on your way to hospital. It’s amazing how quickly plans can change, and how you can think on your feet (or on your back) when you really have to.

4. The Yoga Barn, Ubud

the yoga barn

There’s worse places to do your sadhana than in a big old ‘barn’ in Bali.

5. Hobbiton!!!!!

I want to live here!

I went to Hobbiton. It was awesome. Nuff said really.

6. Yoga In The Sky

morning views

What’s the strangest place I’ve done yoga? Probably on top of the Sydney Eye Tower in Australia I reckon.

7. The Elephant Safari Park, Ubud

look at me!

I always wanted to ride an elephant, so one day I did!

8. “My God, It’s Full Of Stars!”

Spellbound - Glowworm light show

Glow worms in their natural habitat, a cave in New Zealand, really were an amazing sight.

9. The 30 Day Hip Opening Challenge

hip opening exercise - 2e

Want to loosen those hips up? Here’s some exercises to help you do just that.

10. The Lord Of The Rings Tour

ithilien camp - the oliphaunts

If you’re ever in New Zealand, and you love all things Lord Of The Rings, then this is the tour for you.